Blessings By Bookmark FAQ

Blessings by Bookmark is a subscription service that reminds you each month to send a personal note and bookmark to your loved one—that we then print and mail for you!

    Blessings by Bookmark is geared towards book lovers and people who are looking for a tangible way to support, affirm and bless their loved ones. Each month, our subscribers receive an email with a link to craft a personalized note for their loved one. We then take that note and print a card with the note printed inside and enclose a real, for-true, quality paper bookmark, then send it through the mail to the recipient.
    Remember getting care packages at summer camp or college? My mom was the queen of care packages. She’d send food, articles from our local paper, kitschy gizmos, pictures and the occasional useful item. But it was most fun when I got post-it notes from my mom attached to the whatnots: “For your feet” (on a pair of socks) “Don’t spent it all in once place” (on a check) “To keep you sweet” (seen on some chocolate) Those little notes were what moved the care packages from semi-useful stuff to memorable keepsakes. They showed my mom cared, and still does. What was true then is still true today. Getting a little something–ESPECIALLY a little something in the mail–is a powerful caring gesture. Add to that your own little note– "Hope you’ve feeling better" "Praying for you today" "Put on a sweater, it’s cold out there!" "We’re looking forward to your visit" –and you’ve just brought your loved one a little closer.
    You've seen the images scattered around the site. Our first line of bookmarks will be "Readers Classics;" images of men, women and children reading from works of art worldwide. Our second line of bookmarks will be Bible verses. (After that, we'll probably start asking for suggestions!) The backside of the bookmark will show our logo and an artwork credit.
    The jury's still out on that one, but a 12 month subscription will likely cost between $36-$48 USD. That means you will be sending a high-quality bookmark, a card with a personalized message and postage (that's included) for $3-$4 a month!
    Initially we will only mail within the United States. But since I've already heard interest expressed in overseas mailings, we will likely add that pretty quickly.
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