• Websites
    What will it cost to build my website?

    Websites are not a one-size-fits-all proposition. If that were the case, you'd probably already have one, right? Because each church, non-profit or small business has unique needs, our pricing structure needs to be unique as well.

    That being said, we can give you a few guidelines.

    The Blogger: devotions from daily life

    This is my personal blog, which I recently redesigned in order to give you an example of a basic website. Blogger sites start at $400. That price includes the free template, up to 10 basic stock photos, minor color customization and 4 pages--the homepage, blog listing (you create your own blogposts), Contact Us and bio pages. (It does not include the logo or the Bookstore page/functionality.) The price also includes an hour of training over the phone or Skype to get you started.

    The Information Addict: The Christos Center

    The Christos Center for Spiritual Formation site showcases my full range of skills. Sites of this magnitude start at $1200; this site costs about $1600. That includes a template purchase, extreme homepage customization, added functionality including a calendar and alumni directory (not shown), numerous additional pages and additional pages requiring special formatting. This client kept their prices in check by cutting & pasting pages from their old site and rewriting others. They also provided their own logo and purchased their own images, so my costs were largely about adding functionality and customization. As with "the Blogger," this price also includes a session of training over the phone or Skype to get you started.

    What Most Affects Price?

    The top factors affecting the pricing for a job are the total number of pages required and the functionality you require.

    "Functionality" are the features you want on your site beyond a slider, the number of pages and a blog. Common functions desired by our clients are event calendars, integration with email marketing (Mailchimp, Constant Contact), protected site areas, page caching, and embedded sermon audio--but we're certainly not limited just to these areas!
  • Social Media
    Do you create Facebook fan pages? Twitter landing page? Custom emails?


    I'll create a Facebook fan page with a banner & profile pic and invite your friends for $200.


    For Twitter I'll create a custom background, add your profile pic and invite your friends for $200.

    Email Campaign

    I can create an email template for you in Mailchimp or Constant Contact and import your email list for $300.

    Curated Content

    We can review your trusted sources and schedule content to hit your Facebook and Twitter accounts daily starting at $50/month.

    All these social media options include a session of training for you to get you up and running quickly.

  • Print
    What if I want a brochure or sign?

    Our base rate for design and training services is currently $40/hr, with most new projects start at, you guessed it, $200. If you add an item to an item I've already designed for you (say, you want a bookmark and I've already made you a sign), design prices may be as low as $80.

    Monthly rates can be negotiated for curated content or long-term projects.