Racine Vocational Ministry Community Report

In June 2017 I got an email from a friend: the person who had volunteered in years past to do an annual report for him was unable to. Could I put something together on short notice–and on a very tight budget? I said “Of course!” and we were off to the races.

As we talked about the scope of the project, I realized I could only really spend about 2/3 as much time as I wanted on the report, partly because of the budget, partly because of the time. My friend and I decided to put the bulk of my time into the page layout, bringing it more in line with their existing branding (which is solely their website) but improving it at the same time. We agreed to use as many photos as possible (and as little additional Photoshop as possible!) and that I would use the existing graphs he provided (I couldn’t resist reworking the one shown below).

Another interesting wrinkle was that the report is mostly sent to donors and supports via email–and when it is printed, it is usually printed in black & white. In the end, I provided a PDF for email, one for printing in grayscale, and a set of JPGs for them to post to their Facebook page.

While there’s definitely things I would improve if I had this to do again, I am really pleased with how this report turned out!

Note: I cannot always do fast turnarounds on project–but do feel free to contact me to find out if I can!

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