Event Promotion

  • Get people there, get them to respond once they get there, get them to come again
  • We combine print and web communications, including brochures, flyers, signs, landing pages for your website, social media shares and more for a unified, saturated approach to promotion

Back when I (Lisa) was on staff at a church, we scheduled our fall kickoff event. We planned a silly skit, got staff t-shirts and promoted it in our church bulletin and with spoken announcements. When kick-off time came, there were more staff people in attendance than church members!

Sometimes the best laid plans go awry, but if what you have to communicate is special, you need a special communications strategy, whether you need audience attendance at a special event, or participation in a new campaign. You may essentially need to ask your audience to commit repeatedly, buying in just a little more each time, until they are all in, right there with you.

This is a daunting task, and “fitting in” this kind of communications just won’t cut it. You need to make time for it—and we’re happy to put in that time for you.

We’ll design a communications strategy for your event or campaign, spanning and uniting print and web platforms—and maybe stretching you into some communications platforms you haven’t used before. We can design your campaign to catch your audience’s attention, educate them, get them excited about participating, and make them want to respond. Contact us to talk about promoting your next campaign.