• We can train you in how to use the tools we provide
  • We can teach you how to think like your audience
  • We can show you how to steward your brand
  • We can coach you in content creation

You didn’t think we’d leave you high & dry, did you? We don’t want to come into your organization, make a pretty website and leave you with no way of maintaining it. That’s why we offer a number of free and fee-based services designed to keep you connecting and communicating with your audience.

When we design your website, we provide a complimentary training session on the basics of maintaining your site, including changing your slider, adding posts, events and other unique content to your site.

We also provide fee based individual consulting and tutorials as needed.

One of the features of our own site is our blog, where we post tips not just for WordPress, but for communicating with your audience in general, keeping them informed and engaged. Click here to visit our blog, and follow us on Twitter, Facebook or become a WordPress subscriber to receive regular (and free) updates from us.