Web Services

  • Semi-Custom WordPress Website Development
  • Electronic Newsletter Development
  • Facebook | Twitter custom pages
  • Curated Social Media Content
  • Social Media Consultation

Semi-Custom WordPress Website Development

Websites can be expensive to build from scratch. That’s why we provide semi-custom design services on the WordPress platform.

“Semi-custom” means we’ll guide you in the purchase of a quality theme that contains a framework you like and the functionality you require, then further customize the look of the site to your tastes and specifications. This not only gives you a great looking website, but maximizes your communications budget.

We develop sites on the WordPress platform so that your site will grow with your church or organization. WordPress can be as simple or complex as you make it, has an intuitive administration interface and is practically infinitely customizable. Your community will never outgrow it!

Electronic Newsletter Development

Not sure about social media? Start with email. We can leverage your email list to create a custom electronic newsletter for your audience. Many people don’t think of email as social media, but if your demographic is over 40 and/or you’ve already been collecting email addresses from your group, an email newsletter is your best secondary move after a website. We’ll set you up with a newsletter template that’s consistent with your website, import your email list and help you figure out what to send to your audience.

Facebook | Twitter Custom Pages

Ready for Facebook? Facebook fan pages can be a great alternative or a complement to your website, particularly if your audience is already there. We can assist you in setting up your fan page, provide a custom header and link up your current website with the fan page. We can also provide training on how to engage your audience on Facebook, or tie in Facebook with an event or communications campaign.

Twitter now also has options to customize your landing page, so we can sync that up with your website branding, too—and provide the same training and support there as we do with Facebook.

Curated Social Media Content

Once your social media is up & running, you will need to “feed” it regularly, and that means finding relevant and helpful content for your audience. We can help with that, too. We’ll work with you to determine the best places to find engaging content for your audience, show you how to schedule it to hit your social media outlets…or do all this for you.

Social Media Consultation

Not sure you want to tackle social media? Wonder if it would be beneficial to your organization? We’re happy to talk to you about the pros and cons of using social media, the pitfalls of doing it badly, and what it takes to do it well. Contact us today for a complementary consultation.