You are already communicating. If you’re a small business owner, you’ve probably already made a business plan. You may have done some advertising or made a brochure. If you’re a church, you’re trying to communicate something from the pulpit every week. The space you use, your business cards, the way people find out about you, your photographs–all of these things say something about who you are as an organization.

When you hire Traylor Creative we look at what you’ve already been communicating and use it as our starting point. Just like a collage artist, we look at everything you’ve already been communicating, collecting it, then laying it out to see what it says about who you are. We’ll identify key images, phrases, descriptions and design motifs that seem to say the most about you. Then we use these key brand markers as the basis for your new communications pieces, be they signs, brochures or a website redesign.